Thursday, August 8, 2013

Un blogger terrible

I'm been bad.  Very bad.  I haven't updated you guys on anything.  Our kitchen took over my life, we went on vacation, my parent's business got out of hand, work got busy, all those normal excuses.

After some not so subtle urging from various parties (aka get off your ass and blog because I'm bored at work) I'm going to try to get back to my norm....

Here's what's been going on....

Our remodel is done (for the most part).  I'm still looking for better lights for the kitchen and dining room table, benches for the table (which I got for free on Craigslist - score!), and some more cool plates to hang on the wall.

Here's a before pic for comparison....

They also finished the hardwood in the rest of the our bedroom.  I'm trying to make a point to get some more art for our walls.  Right now they are pretty bare.

Influenster sent me some fun nail polish to review and I really like it.  I've never tried Sinful Colors, but the color is really fun and summery.  I was also pretty impressed with how easy it went on and the lasting power.

I've also had some major scores at the Goodwill recently (still no crystal decanter for KB's office or fun art work for my house).  I got these Lacoste polos for KB for $3 each.  They still had the tags on them.

I also found this Lilly Pulitzer sweater for me.  I'm not a huge Lilly fan and think it's kind of over rated, but this one fit well and the pattern isn't too child like, so I got it.  It was $3 so whatever.  I also got some Ralph Lauren wool sweaters for me and KB for $4 each.

I've been having some weird eczema/dryness stuff going on with my face, so I tried this stuff.  It's okay.  It smells good and makes my skin feel tingly, but it hasn't really done much otherwise.  It was cheap, so whatever.  I'm going to keep trying it and see what happens.