Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's been another hellacious week this week, so there's lots of thoughts in my mind, they're probably just really  boring to you!

Here are some non-boring thoughts:

- I'm so ready to be here:

Work has been crazy busy and stressful for the past few weeks and I can't wait to be on a lovely little island with just my favorite people.  We pushed our trip out about a month this year and it is draggginnnggg.  Only a couple more weeks!

-I'm thinking about doing a really crazy fun manicure/pedicure for the beach.  I want a crazy neon color.  What are some good options?  I've been looking at OPI's neon collection, but I don't know if I want to go that crazy.

- I've been zoning out to lots of mindless TV recently.  This is a recent fave...

-I've been drinking lots of this.  It's probably terrible for you, but it tastes amazing and only costs 60 cents for a whole bottle.

-I really want to see this movie when it comes out.  I always think movies about drugs are so interesting.  Drugs, Inc is one of the most interesting shows on TV.  It's just crazy to see how huge drug cartels work.  I'm also really liking Salma Hayek's character in this movie - she looks pretty badass.

What are your thoughts this Thursday???

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

It's time for another Pinteresting Wednesday - link up with The Vintage Apple to play along.

Here are my favorite Pins of the week...

What are your favorite Pins of the week???

Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu Monday

Here's what the Browns will be eating this week:

Mon: Bacon Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring

Our neighbors have 6 hens and are now giving us eggs. Needless to say we have lots of eggs. I really like eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner so this looks amazing to me. Luckily KB really likes eggs and bacon, so I'm pretty sure this will be a hit.

Tues: Taco Cupcakes

I really like Mexican food and could eat it everyday. This recipe looks easy and like it would be easily portable for lunch the next day. I couldn't find Won Ton wrappers in the store, so I'm just planning on using tortillas. I'm also not going to add any meat to mine and just make it with the black beans.

Wed: Sweet Potato Quesadillas

I'm still on the Mexican food kick, but I'm also not wanting to look like a fat cow at the beach. I'm hoping the sweet potato won't really be noticeable and it will be more of just a filler. I can already see KB rolling his eyes.

Thurs: Deer Steak with Parmesan Zucchini Chips

We still have lots of deer in our freezer, so we're eating it again this week. We also have a ton of zucchini coming in, so I'm trying to find creative things to do with it. We had roasted zucchini a few weeks ago and it was really good. I'm thinking this will taste similar.

Bonus Recipe: Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made some breakfast cookies last week and they were really good. So good that it made me want real cookies. I've had this recipe pinned for a while, but I never got around to making it. It looks really easy, but I'm sure they won't be as good as a regular chocolate chip cookie. We'll see.....

What will you be eating this week???

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Work It Out

With the beach coming up every day I definitely need to amp up my workouts.  I only worked out a couple of days last week because it was so hot and I was busy picking up some furniture (a post about that to come!).

Here are the workouts I have planned this week....

I've done something similar from the Firm before and with this lady.  It ended up with me gasping for air on the tile floor thinking I was having a heart attack.  There is a ton of jumping and going crazy.  Maybe this will make up for my not working out hardly at all last week.

I'm not so sure I'm going to like this workout.  I don't like that Allie chick on the cover.  She acts like she's some big time fitness trainer - she's not.  At least there are 4 workouts in one DVD so I can work on it for most of the week.

What workouts are you doing this week???

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

It's pretty late, but here's another Pinteresting Wednesday post....

Here are my favorite Pins of the week:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

What are your favorite Pins this week???

Monday, June 18, 2012

Menu Monday

I'm a bit late, but here's what we'll be eating this week...

Mon: Southwestern Quichiladas

I am making these now and they smell wonderful. Mine only have cheese in them and no meat because I didn't want to deal with it. I think they'll be just as good.

Tues: Baked Fish with Slaw and Order Slaw

I still have some fish in the freezer so I'm going to bake that up to go with this slaw. I couldn't find the broccoli slaw exactly at the grocery store, so it's going to be an experiment. I have regular cabbage and some broccoli, so I'll probably just grate them together.

Wed: Vegan Lentil Loaf with veggies

I've been wanting to make this for a while, but never had enough lentils on hand. Last week I made some lentils, but we didn't eat hardly any of them. I'm excited to finally use them up.

Thurs: Sweet Potato Chowder

I could eat soup at any time of year. I've actually made this before and it was really good. I'm ready to try it again!

Bonus Recipe:

Breakfast Cookies

I made these yesterday and they were really good. I ate them for breakfast the first time this morning and they were really good. They are really dense and not very cookie like, but still good. It's more like the Quaker squares that you get in the store than a cookie.

What will you be eating this week???

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for another Pinteresting Wednesday.  Here are my favorite Pins of the week...

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

What are your favorite Pins this week???

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventues in Furniture Land

My dresser from Craigslist didn't really pan out.  When KB called "Larry" to see where he could meet him, "Larry" put in his teeth and told us that he had already sold it the day before.

I kept up my stalking and was rewarded with a sofa table that a guy that actually worked in KB's building was selling.

It's a little banged up, but I'm planning on sanding it and staining it something dark.  I've been seeing the stain with vinegar Pin around Pinterest and I'm interested in trying it.

Now I just need to find some fun accents and a cool lamp.

I also hit up an estate sale near our house on Sunday and found some goodies.  I'm planning on doing a plate wall in my kitchen and I think this one is just lovely...

It's Wedgwood and mine has a grouse on it instead of a turkey.  I got it for $2.  We also got some cool old books to put in our built ins downstairs for a quarter each.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Menu Monday

I'm making a point to eat a lot healthier and cleaner this week.  We've been eating a lot of junk recently and our beach vacation is coming up.  I need to step up my food and workout game.

I'm linking up with Rachel today.

Mon: Easy Fish with Veggies

We'll actually be using some trout instead of salmon. There's no real recipe for this, you just put the fish on a bed of lemons and steam it in the foil. We have some frozen trout from one of KB's fishing trips and I need to use them up. I'll be leaving the herb butter off of mine, but I'm sure KB will enjoy it.

Tues: Deer Steak with Parmesan Roasted Zucchini

Besides the random frozen fish we also have quite a few random frozen deer parts in our freezer.  We have tons of deer steak and thanks to our huge zucchini plant we have tons of zucchini.  I'm just planning on marinading the steaks and grilling them, but I'm going to try to make the zucchini special.

Wed: Greek Quinoa Salad

This looks amazing to me.  I love quinoa and feta cheese so I'm thinking this will definitely be a winner for me.  I'll probably leave the olives on mine out since I hate them with a passion.  KB will probably add some tuna into his too since he thinks it's a sin to have a meatless dinner.

Thurs: Crock Pot Honey Lentils

I've actually made this before and they were delicious! I'm not normally a huge lentil fan because they get pretty mushy, but these taste so good that the texture doesn't really matter. The grated carrot really makes them delicious.

Bonus Recipes:

I'm trying to make more things that I can take as snacks to work.  Last week my snacks were marshmallows and graham crackers.  That's not exactly going to get me swim suit ready.

Sweet Potato Hummus

I made this yesterday and it was pretty good. I ended up adding in some different spices and made it a bit sweeter.  I'm going to eat this as my snack throughout the week with some carrots and celery.

Green Monster Smoothie

I made this on Saturday morning and drank it this morning as part of my breakfast.  Mine was a little different.  I put green tea, spinach, mint, bananas and blueberries in mine.  It's pretty thick and doesn't taste the best, but it's so good for you.  I'm planning on drinking it mid-morning at work too.

What will you be eating this week???

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly Work It Out

Here are the workouts for the week....

The Firm is my jam.  I always get the best workouts from them in a reasonable amount of time.  They're rarely ever longer than an hour.  Based off of the reviews you need some special equipment, but most of the time I can get by with some weights and a step.

It's just a Firm week for me!  This workout looks a bit easier than what I normally do, but it will be good for in the middle of the week and I don't feel like moving when I come home from work.  You are supposed to have special equipment for this DVD too, but I think I can make do with what I have.

On another note,  I'm still doing this workout and it's really fun.  There are three 40 minute dances, so I've been splitting them up.  The instructions are really easy to follow and the dances are really fun.  I'm definitely going to be adding these to my rotation.

What workouts will you be doing this week???

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Furniture Findings

Come Saturday this little baby will be mine.  We're buying it off of a guy that told KB "I can't talk long, I don't have my teeth in".

I'm hoping I can turn it into something beautiful that looks a little like this (without the baby accessories)...

A friend of mine gave me the best idea to do some creative things with lace. I'm planning on doing a light gold and cream combo or a light blue and cream combo. Right now I'm leaning more towards the light gold. I'm also planning on putting small round knobs on the little drawers and some more scrolly ones on the big drawers.

We're also getting a big wooden desk on Saturday.  Apparently KB's dad got it when the old police department was cleaned out.  I'm hoping it's nice old wood with good character.  It will probably be weird nasty wood with all kinds of convict germs.

Here's to adventures in furniture restoration!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

It's time for another Pinteresting Wednesday post.  Here are my favorite Pins of the week.

Link up with The Vintage Apple to play along.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

What are your favorite Pins of the week???