Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventues in Furniture Land

My dresser from Craigslist didn't really pan out.  When KB called "Larry" to see where he could meet him, "Larry" put in his teeth and told us that he had already sold it the day before.

I kept up my stalking and was rewarded with a sofa table that a guy that actually worked in KB's building was selling.

It's a little banged up, but I'm planning on sanding it and staining it something dark.  I've been seeing the stain with vinegar Pin around Pinterest and I'm interested in trying it.

Now I just need to find some fun accents and a cool lamp.

I also hit up an estate sale near our house on Sunday and found some goodies.  I'm planning on doing a plate wall in my kitchen and I think this one is just lovely...

It's Wedgwood and mine has a grouse on it instead of a turkey.  I got it for $2.  We also got some cool old books to put in our built ins downstairs for a quarter each.


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