Sunday, October 17, 2010

Menu Sunday

Here's what the Browns will be eating this week:

Mon: Slow Cooker Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers
        My sister showed me the "A Year of Slow Cooking" Blog and now I'm hooked.  I love my crock pot and there are some really neat recipes on here.  I love stuffed peppers, but they're kind of a pain to make, these look pretty easy though.

Tues:Tuna with Cheese-Garlic Biscuits
        Growing up we never ate fish.  KB loves fish and could live off of canned tuna.  This recipe looks pretty easy and you can substitute chicken for the tuna if your not a big fish person.

Wed:Traditional Minestrone Soup
        This is another Year of Slow Cooking recipe.  I love soup and could eat it every meal.  Wednesday is also when all my favorite TV shows come on, so I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking.

Thurs:Chicken and Rice
         This is from For the Love of Cooking.  Our podunk grocery store didn't have all the types of mushrooms that she used, so we'll be making do with just the regular ones.

Fri: I'm not cooking dinner again this Friday!  It worked out pretty well last week and no one complained....let's see how long I can keep this going.

Bonus Recipe: Haystack Creatures
                       I work in an office full of super crafty, Martha Stewarty moms.  They can bake anything and make it look professional.  KB works in an office full of mostly young, single guys.  Therefore, I will be making these for KB to take to work.  They look pretty easy and I love their crazy googly eyes.

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  1. I love both of those blogs " a year of slow cooking" and "for the love of cooking". I make my yogurt in the crockpot from that site - it's super easy and good (if you like yogurt).