Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I love them.....I want to eat a ton of them......I don't know what's in them.....I swear I'm not the only person obsessed with them......


I know they are mystery meat slathered in bbq sauce.  I know they are possibly the grossest of the grossest fast food item.  I don't care.  I love them.  I ate one today and I it was excellent.

I actually found out that there are whole cults of people devoted to the McRib.  There's even a McRib Locator  I'm not that bad....I swear!


  1. I've never had one but keep seeing the commercials lately. I think we all have our "thing" in life that just makes us happy. Enjoy your sammy.

  2. I had one last week for the very first time. pretty tasty if you ask me!

  3. They scare me, but who am I to judge. I am the Quarter Pounder queen :)

  4. Though I hate McDonald's, I totally know what you mean: I used to absolutely LOVE Wendy's Baconators. SOOO bad for you, but I loved them.

    Sometimes you just gotta have awful fast-food!!

  5. are they really that good?? I am sure since they are from Mcdonalds, but like you said, mystery meat haha too funny! Your blog is super cute!!