Sunday, February 13, 2011

Menu Sunday

We're baaacccckkkkk.......

Stay tuned for a post about our weekend travels, but for now, enjoy what the Browns will be eating this week.

Mon:  Honey-Soy Chicken Skillet
         I had most of the ingredients on hand for this, since I wasn't sure I'd get to the grocery store today due to weekend happenings.  I will be using just boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of the whole chicken.  I love honey in savory dishes, so I'm excited about this one.

Tues:  Lighter Shepherd's Pie
          I really like Shepherd's Pie, but I don't like to fix it on a weeknight because it takes forever.  You have to make the mashed potatoes, then make the pie.  This recipe uses premade mashed potatoes (I sucked it up and bought a convenience food) and only takes around 30 minutes to make.  I'll probably add some cheese to the mashed potato topping....that probably defeats the purpose of the "Lighter" in the title.

Wed:  Fettuccine with Two Cheeses
         I had some leftover dry pasta and bacon bits from a recipe last week, so in the spirit of not spending huge amounts of money in the grocery store, I looked for something to use it.  This recipe looks pretty easy and you can't really go wrong with pasta and cheese.

Thurs: Southwestern Chicken Scaloppine
          I also had most of the ingredients for this on hand (yay small grocery bills).  I will more than likely be omitting the red pepper sauce.  I couldn't find it in the grocery store and I'm not even too sure what it is. 

Fri: ??????
      One of KB's friends is coming into town so we may go out to eat.  I'll probably be cleaning our house like crazy!

Extras:Chocolate Cheesecake Bars
          These will be the Valentine's Day goodie for KB's work.  I'm planning on topping them with my chocolate dulce de leche instead of the caramel ice cream topping.

What goodies will you be eating this week???

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