Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's time for Thoughts on a Thursday (mini edition since I apparently don't have that many thoughts!).  Link up with Carolyn to play!

  • I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday!  I've been a day ahead all week and I just knew when I woke up this morning that today was Friday.....not so much.
  • In my Target free beauty bag was a sample of Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner.  I used it for the first time last night and honestly, I'm not that impressed.  Maybe I just didn't use it right, but for me, my hair didn't end up looking or feeling any different than normal.
  • I did really good this week at taking my lunch!  My normal lunch buddy at work is out of town for 2 weeks, so I've sort of been forced to eat what I bring.  I've eaten a salad for lunch almost every day.
  •  Apparently I'm the worst scheduled poster in the world.  Last week's Thoughts on a Thursday was written Wednesday night......and got posted Wednesday night.  Now I'm scared of scheduled posting!

What are your thoughts on a Thursday??


  1. Way to go with eating a salad at lunch almost everyday that's fabulous. I seriously thought today was friday and then I found out it was tuesday and was extremely depressed lol. This week will never end!


  2. Thats interesting about the shampoo, you would think since that is "high end" of shampoo, it would leave you loving your hair!!

  3. When I used blogger I used to screw up scheduling all the time. Don't feel bad!