Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's been a pretty good little weekend so far....

 KB picked me these flowers from the field across from our house.  The honeysuckle smells really good and I'm finally getting to use one of the four crystal vases that we got for our wedding.
He picked me these too.  They are very little and cute.  I put them in a really small Coke bottle that KB found while he was hunting.  He also found this really cool old glass juice container that I'm going to turn into a terrarium.  He's out at his deer food plot today on the lookout for ferns and moss for my plant project.

I got a cool new book at the library.  The lady that wrote this lives in a town really close to where we live.  So far it is moving really quickly.  I read about 50 pages while I sat outside.  I was starting to get a little pink though, so I went inside.

I had my mom's birthday present in the back of my trunk at the grocery store and some random old ladies told me it was beautiful and wanted to know all about it while I put up my groceries.  Since my mother is a frequent blog stalker, I'll refrain from saying what it was, but those old biddies put me in a good mood all day because of their random compliments.

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  1. Pretty flowers! You must share what your moms birthday gift is after you give it to her!