Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's time for my Thoughts on a Thursday....

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  • In about a week I will be here.

I can't wait, but for the time being I'm spending a lot of time working in order to get my stuff caught up so I can go there.  It really snuck up on me and I don't have anything planned or packed or anything.

  • I was very lucky to snag one of these yesterday

A Cook Out watermelon milkshake is like summer frozen and blended with ice cream.  It sounds gross but they are so good.  They are only sold July - August and since yesterday was August 31st I was really worried that I waited too late.  It was pure delicious ice cream heaven.

  • We've had some really good meals this week and most of them have been vegetarian.  I'm not a huge proponent of the no animal products bandwagon (having a dad that's a dairy farmer kinda immediately throws you out of the wagon) but we try to not eat meat at least 3 nights out of the week.  We had black bean burgers yesterday and they were so delicious.  They were better than most burgers I've had out and definitely better than anything I could make myself.
What are your thoughts on a Thursday?


  1. I am so jealous. I havent been on a beach all summer long... I was way too busy.... usually my skin is so dark by now people think I am black... not this year I am a ghost!


  2. you are slowly turning kyle into a girl.....