Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

Whew!  After 4 days of going strong I'm glad to be back to something sort of normal.  We had a lovely time with all of our family (and I do mean all), but I'm glad to be back home.  Here's a recap of some of the top gifts...

A Wii step riser!  I used this for the first time tonight and it is amazing.  It makes my normal blah Wii routines really challenging.  It was also really easy to put together once I got the dogs off of it and got a piece away from Pancho.

A lovely monogram necklace!  I wore this today and got lots of compliments on it.

Some new shoes!  Mine are the backless kind, but I can't wait to wear them.  My old ones are dog eaten and gross, but I still wear them anyway.  I have a feeling these will be the same way.

I also ended up getting a few camo things.  I think it's a big conspiracy to get me into the woods and turkey hunting with KB.  He got me this pullover, which really isn't that bad when it comes to camo.  It's also cut for the lady hunter.  I guess that would be me.

What did your Christmas time look like???


  1. what fun xmas presents! i want to see some pics.
    mike keeps talking about my new gun and saying "when you go duck hunting..." i'm thinking 'uh, never intended to actually hunt with this weapon.' haha.
    i didn't even know the wii had a step board. very interesting.
    i ordered myself a monogram necklace yesterday since i didn't get it for christmas!

  2. What wonderful presents! I am giggling about that camo pullover. Not that it won't look smashing on you,of course, but the whole hunting thing...EGADS!