Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Work It Out

I'm still on the fit train and am happy to say that I have worked out everyday for the past 3 weeks.  Most days I have worked out for about 15 minutes in the morning and then another 30-45 minutes in the evenings.  Some days I get lazy and sleep instead of working out.

This week I hope to keep it up!  I ended up not getting this workout last week and instead got the worst Ryan Gosling movie of all time (don't watch Blue Valentine....just don't).

I'll also be getting this....

I seriously cannot profess my love enough for the 10 Minute Solutions workouts.  They are challenging without being too crazy.  I like to do them in the mornings because while I feel like I get a good workout in I don't get all sweaty and nasty before going to work.

What workouts will you be up to this week???


  1. have you done the 30day shred by jillian michaels? i hear it is good. and hard.
    way to go on the working out! that is awesome. i have GOT to make myself start doing the same.

  2. Way to go! I have not been nearly so diligent. I have a hard time doing videos because we only have one area with enough (barely) room, and if my husband is awake, he is also occupying the same room and wanting to watch TV or something. So, unless I get up early before work, it's difficult to get it in. That being said...where do you get your videos?