Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts on a Thursday

Not too many thoughts this week...

I've been drinking milk like crazy this week.  I grew up drinking raw milk and I could never drink that much of it because it was really thick.  Now that we mainly drink store bought milk I can down the stuff.  I've drank a big glass after dinner every night this week and it has been delicious.

It was so warm and wonderful this week and now it's cold and nasty.  Last night I came home and just curled up on the couch.  I left our windows open while we were at work thinking it would feel great when we came home.  Not so much.  Our house was freezing and the dogs were really pissed at me.

I know this is really selfish and rude, but I'm really tires of all of the Amendment One crap in NC.  I'm not going to get into politics, but I wish people would leave it alone.  I'm so tired of opening Facebook and that being all I see.  Everyone just gets into fights and while it's quite entertaining, I don't really think it's helping anything regardless of what side you are on.

Our second anniversary is coming up and I'm not too sure what to get KB.  Last year we made an agreement to not get each other anything.  Of course KB got me something and I looked like the loser (once again).  I wanted to get him a float tube for the river that he could fish in, but these bad boys are around $200 and I'm afraid I've waited too late anyway.  I may just get him some really good candy.  We've only been married two years and we're already really boring.

Our garden is starting to come up!  We've got lettuce, squash, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and beets.  We planted most everything (except for the tomatoes) from seed.  I was a little skeptical it would all take, but so far so good.

Putting in a new bathroom fan is no joke.  KB tried to replace ours last night which was not as easy as originally thought.  The original bathroom fan was real janked up and the people that had our house before us had done some creative wiring so things didn't exactly line up.  It ended up with KB's dad being on speaker walking him through how to fix it.  I'm still too scared to actually turn it on in case our house blows up or something.

Don't you love my fun colors?  Yay for me for finally playing around with Blogger - I'm just so creative.


  1. I'm like that with organic milk. I just love how it tastes!

  2. woo milk!!!

    do you want some pumpkin seedling for your garden? we have lots.

  3. Happy anniversary!! And take pics of your garden. I've planted seeds TWICE this year already. The first time, we got monsoon like rains that lasted a week two days after I planted them. Washed away. I re-planted this weekend and guess what we have had the last two days. I will be lucky to get even one leaf of lettuce and that stuff is crazy easy (normally) to grow. Hmph!