Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Have I Been....

Painting.  Lots and lots of painting.

After much deliberation KB broke down and bought me some paint samples.  I wanted to get about 15 different ones, but once Uncle Money Bags told me they cost $3 each I was only allowed to get 5.  Overall I was really disappointed with the trim color.  It ended up being a weird dingy yellow color.

We ended up choosing the darker colors on the right.  They are Valspar Dune and Bark.  One is a dark brown and the other is a lighter brown.  I ended up getting bright white for the trim.  I had to pick it out without a paint sample and had a mini freakout.

After 2 days of hard core painting I was whining and was banished to painting the doors.  Painting doors is pretty easy and pretty boring.  I also got a little OCD about getting paint on the ceiling. It's one of the first things I notice in someone else's house, so I wanted to make sure we had no ceiling mishaps in our lovely abode.

Our upstairs is pretty open and the kitchen, upstairs living room and hallway all kind of come together.  We ended up painting the light brown on all the walls in the main upstairs living area.  This is the little sitting area when you first walk in.  The walls are still really bare, but I'm getting there.

We did a dark brown accent wall when you first walk in.  It's pretty boring for right now.  I'm planning on hanging a quilt my grandmother made me on this wall and getting a small sofa table.  I just need to find said sofa table.

This is looking at our front door out onto our front porch.  The light brown looks a lot darker in natural light. It freaked me out at first and I was afraid it would feel like a cave, but it actually feels very cozy in the evenings.  With the lamps on everything warms up pretty well.

We're still getting there but this is a major step.  Now on to remodeling our entire kitchen....welll....maybe painting the bedroom first.


  1. I love it! Bold paint colors are my favorite!


  2. I love new paint. How fun you are getting to make this house "you".