Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend Update

It was quite the weekend at the Brown household.....

We got the fire pit partially done...

We need to get some more gravel to put around it and cut down some more trees.  Curse whoever planted tons of ivy in our yard.  It's becoming a nightmare.

Our garden finally started taking off....

One of our tomatoes look like a tree.  It just now got blooms on it so no tomatoes yet, but our smaller ones have lots on the vine.

This is a monster zucchini that's taking over our garden.  We've had a few on there, but they rot before they get big enough to really pick.  I'm hoping it's just because it has rained like crazy every day for the past few weeks.  It finally dried out this weekend and the ones on there now are getting a little bigger.

We finally hung up some wall art....

We asked all of our wedding guests to sign a quilt square and my grandmother made me a quilt out of them. I'm not a huge fan of showing my school pride, but my grandmother is, so we have a large UNC quilt in our living room.  It may be a bit tacky, but I love my grandma.

We also hung up some of our wedding pictures.  The only pictures we really have are from our wedding.  Sometimes it's kind of weird looking at pictures of yourself all the time.

We also hung up a painting that my Aunt did for me.  It's in a gold frame so I really like the way the light hits the frame.

Hopefully  more of our weekends are this productive!


  1. that is quite a productive time!! love the outside. jealous you have such a pretty place to live :)

  2. Lovely touches! Good luck with the garden. :)

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  5. Looking good! Completing every little bit of the inside and outfit must seem like such a huge accomplishment. We are still house hunting - it's become the worst experience ever. xo

  6. from what I hear, your grandma rocks! we are still house hunting...found one, it didn't work out...found another that I LOVE and it had been on the market a year. As soon as we look at it, someone puts a bid on it. If you need to sell a house, just have my husband and I come look at it!