Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Monday

Here's what the Browns will be eating this week:

I'm not a huge fan of stuffed peppers because the peppers always get soggy and mushy. I'm hoping this is just because I normally make them in the crockpot. These look really good and I really hope the peppers don't ruin it for me. I'll be substituting black beans instead of chick peas because the grocery store was out. I'm also going to leave out the raisins because I hate them.

Tues: Taco Mac & Cheese and a Salad

KB was sitting next to me when I made my grocery list and he picked this one out. I've had something similar to this before in a restaurant and it was really good. I'm hoping to balance out all the cheese, cream and cream cheese with a salad.

Wed: Fish in a Bag and a Salad

KB also requested this one. We've been eating it every week for about 2 months solid. It's really easy and takes really good (if you like lemon and fish). KB really likes fish so he wants it all the time.

Thurs: Deer Steak with Mango Black Bean Quinoa Salad

We have a lot of deer to eat before hunting season (when hopefully the freezer will fill up again). I'm planning on marinating and grilling it and serving it along with this salad. I'll be substituting cous cous for the quinoa (the grocery store didn't have it) and will probably double the mango (because I really like mango).

Bonus Recipes!

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

I made this yesterday for a neighborhood birthday party/get together. It was really easy, tasted good and got a lot of compliments.

Crusty Bread

I made this as a hostess gift for our neighbor who hosted the party. I made mine with cheddar, rosemary and lemon. It was really easy and tasted good. I also made mine with whole wheat flour instead of white and the recipe worked fine. I'm definitely going to be making this again.

What will you be making this week???


  1. The taco pasta is on my list now.

  2. the only way i will ever eat quinoa is to order it i guess. my grocery store doesn't even sell post raisin bran. wtf? boonies...

    that bread looks super delish:)

  3. That taco mac and cheese looks amazing! I have seen the loaded baked potato dip all over pinterest, but have yet to try it. Maybe I will have to this weekend for my friends bbq. xo

  4. I am very jealous of your meal planning skillz. Now you just need to take pics after you make them and post :)

  5. The potato chip dip looks so good. :) I may have to try this. The bread you made for your neighbor looks like an impressive hostess gift. I don't know if I could pull that off.