Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ala The Perks here's what I'm up to currently...

Listening....to the air conditioning unit in my office.  Why is the air conditioning on?  It's 40 degrees and raining.
Eating.....nothing yet, but I'm getting ready to get up with some plain Greek yogurt and blackberries.  So delicious.
Drinking....some Seagram's key lime sparkling water. Also so delicious.
Reading....some work stuff.  Exciting things are happening!
Wearing....a brown eyelet dress, turquoise sweater, brown tights, cowboy boots and turquoise necklace.
Feeling....pretty pumped.  There's some big changes ahead for the Browns  (and no it's not babies)
Weather....Rainy, cold, windy, gross.  It's been that way for 2 days already and will be that way until Friday.
Needing....to do some Netflix workout DVDs. I've had them for a while and need to send them back.
Wanting...a nice sunny and warm vacation.  Sadly that might not happen this year.
Thinking....about what type of chickens we are going to get and what I want to plant in my garden and yard this spring.
Enjoying....Tazo Zen green tea.  It's so lemony and fresh.


  1. Speaking of babies...I hear you will be an Aunt (again) any day now! How exciting!

  2. Your outfit sounds adorable. I love brown and blue together. :) I can't wait to hear about you getting chickens. I will live vicariously by reading your posts about chickens. :)