Thursday, January 24, 2013


Listening....Slip Sliding Away - not exactly pump up music for a Thursday
Eating....nothing, but I just finished up a strawberry greek yogurt
Drinking...nothing, but I just finished up some lemon verbena green tea
Reading...The Salt God's Daughter by Ilie Ruby. I haven't really started it yet, but it looks good. turtleneck and leggings, cowboy boots and a lilly shift dress (it was a gift before you get to haughty about it I'm not normally a huge fan of printed pants and stuff)
Feeling...excited! I got some more details about my new job and I'm getting stuff set up for my home office.
Weather...cold and windy. There's supposed to be lots of ice tonight. A day at home tomorrow would be wonderful weather gods.
Needing...some caffeine. I'm sleepy.
Wanting...the week to hurry up. I am done with work on Monday and am getting a facial on Wednesday.
Thinking...that I'd like to make a fun lampshade out of paint chips or wax paper or something.
Enjoying...not really having anything to do at work. Short timing is awesome!


  1. Your outfits sounds cute. I am interested in that book.
    Hooray for new jobs and facials!

  2. love this post! now i'm craving strawberry greek yogurt...
    now following! yay for the weekend!
    xo c&e