Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pretty Pretty

When I got home from NY I found this little lovely waiting on me..

I'm trying to get into orchids, so KB got me one for a little present while I was gone.  I have another one that finished blooming, I repotted it and it hasn't flowered again (apparently it takes them a really long time to reflower).  It's not looking too hot these days, so I'm not really sure what's going on.

Any orchid growing tips?  I see them in design magazines all the time, so somebody out there has to know what's going on.


  1. did i tell you walmart has them for less than $14? they are big and pretty too. i want one. i want mike to buy me one for valentine's day. i'm sure he won't. so then i'll go and want to buy it for myself and they will be gone.

    but i have no idea how to grow them either. mike has a fica tree that has like 4 leaves on it because we can't keep anything alive. ugh.

  2. Oh how pretty! My dad grew them when I was growing up but that was in South FL so he just had them in the yard. My friend up here grows them and keeps them under warm grow lights in her basement and then brings them up to the dining room when they are in bloom. I know they like lots of light and to be warm. But I've never grown them myself so that's just a hunch.


  3. I cannot keep plants alive AT ALL, so you will have to keep us posted on this! i love orchids but always just buy really nice fake ones because I will be sad when it dies!