Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Fives

Here's five random things on this Friday.....

-I have to work today.  Boo.  My company gives us President's day instead of Good Friday.  Yay America.

-KB's grow light operation has been working well....a little too well.  We transplanted the seedlings into bigger pots yesterday because they were starting to die.  Now my house looks like something off of Drugs Inc.  Lots of pots.  Lots of lights.  Lots of water.  Our neighbor actually asked us the other day what he should tell the cops we are growing when they show up.

-I got bitten by a tick 2 weeks ago.  It still itches like crazy and has this really nasty scab on it.  Ticks are seriously so gross and there is snow on the ground.  What was a tick doing out at that time (I sound like its mom)?  Before you go crazy and think that I have some nasty tick borne illness, I don't.  We have extensive background in that (KB is a tick magnet) and I don't have any of the symptoms.  It's time to break out the DEET I guess.

-I'm still going back and forth on paint colors for our house.  At first I wanted something dark and woodsy, but after thinking about it I think that would look kinda weird on our house.  I think I've settled on a sage green color for most of it, a cream trim, and dark red accents.  Now I just need to convince KB to pay someone to do it and not try it himself.

- Everyone should vote for Cheerwine in Garden and Guns bracket of the best southern foods.  North Carolina come on and raise up.