Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Monday

Here's what we are eating on this week...

Mon: Creamy Portobello Soup

It's a blustery and cold day here today (gross - it's May, seriously?!), so I thought soup would be good.  I've been meaning to make this for a while, but I just never get around to it.  I'm also going to make some garlic bread to go with it.

Tues: Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken

I love balsamic vinegar.  It's so sweet, but tangy and delicious.  This looks really easy and Aldi had all of these veggies majorly on sale, so it was actually a really cheap meal to make.

Wed: Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon with Corn on the Cob

We aren't high class enough to have real salmon, so I'm using some walleye that KB caught and I froze.  Hopefully it'll work out.  If not, we have some really good corn on the cob that KB's mom put up last summer.  We'll just eat a lot of corn.

Thurs: Hawaiian Pizza Salad

This is my favorite type of pizza.  It's so delicious and I think it's all because of the pineapple.  I got a fresh pineapple on sale at the Aldi for 50 cents, so I'm going to use that instead of canned.  I'll probably also use ranch dressing instead of italian.

What are you going to be eating this week???

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