Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calling all two dog families....

This weekend we are testing out a new friend for the Rose.  A few weeks ago we did something similar and Rosa absolutely hated the dog we brought home.  This week she'll be introduced to a 7 pound, male chihuahua.  For all you chihuahua people out there, we're not sure yet if he is a doe or apple head.  We haven't seen him yet.  His name is Ziggy...kind of a dumb name, but we'll love him anyway!

We need some help!  How did you introduce your animals?  We really want Rosie to have a friend and want to make sure we go about this the right way, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On a side note....if you live in NC and are thinking about adopting a dog you should really look into Brother Wolf Canine Rescue.  They are based out of Asheville, but adopt dogs out to families all around.  They are super nice and are really trying to work with Rose to find her perfect special friend. 

Find your special friend!

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  1. I'm in NC!! But not wanting another dog right now...will keep them in mind however. Good luck with the animal bonding.