Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chiquita Banana

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (hence the two day halloween post fest).  We never really celebrated it growing up because we lived in the sticks and had no neighbors to trick or treat with.  I always make a point now to make sure that my darling Rose is in the festive halloween spirit.  Last year she had a pumpkin suit and looked a lot like this little guy:

 She hated the hat and ended up eating it later....

This year these are her two options:
 At least she wouldn't have to wear anything on her head...
via The Daily Puglet
We're thinking she'll probably end up a banana for Halloween, since her registered name is Chiquita Rosalita.  What do you think little Rosielee should be?



  1. Aw. She's adorable.I love the little pumpkin one. I want to put my kitten in something but I know she'd be very unhappy about it. :P You're blog is really cute. I'm stalking you now. :X ^_^

  2. the spider is the heat.