Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year....sort of

It's started already.....people wanting to know what I want for Christmas.  These are a few items I've got my eye on....
IF (and this is a pretty big if) the iPhone ever comes to Verizon I would love to have one.  Unfortunately, in Podunkville USA we can only get cell reception if we have Verizon.

I need a new wallet like woah.  This one is from dnacreations.  They have some crazy, weird, funky, mexicano stuff and I love it.

I want a lunch box.  Right now I carry my lunch in a weird purse bag thingy.  This one is from Rick Rack Queen and looks like it would work for the huge amounts of food I end up taking to work.

This coat from Lands End.  I could only get a picture of the back, but the front is cute, trust me. My crazy grandmother refuses to get us anything that cannot be bought in either the Lands End or LL Bean catalogs.

Finally, what I really want....

This little guy/gal!  I'm pretty sure both KB and Rosielee would kill me if I got this little one.  I'd love to have a silver pug...true they are super rare and super expensive, but a girl can dream!

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