Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Monday

Here's another installment of what the Browns will be eating this week:

Mon: Slow Cooker Honey Lemon Chicken with Potatoes
         I got lazy on Friday when I was supposed to cook this and ate dinner with my parents, so we're having it tonight.

Tues: Cider Glazed Chicken
         I got this recipe from elefantitas alegres Menu Sunday post last week.  I love all things apple and she liked it so hopefully we will too!

Wed: Pizza Burgers
         We'll see how these do.  I'll probably replace the ground beef with ground turkey because I like it better.  We'll probably end up eating some chips or something with this because I'll probably be too lazy to make fries!

Thurs: Personal Pizzas
        I start my new job on Thursday so I wanted something easy.  The recipe has alot of ingredients, but it was listed as "Easy Entertaining" so hopefully it won't take too long to make.

Fri: The Ultimate Ham & Cheese
      I saw this on the Rachael Ray show and it looked good.  I love sandwiches so anything between two slices of bread works for me!

What are you eating this week?

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  1. Hey girl- I wanted to come on over and reply to your question you left for me on my blog :-)

    I definitely think a Chihuahua and Pug would get along nicely! I've had the great fortune to have two special Chi's who aren't yippy or skittish or "typical" Chihuahua mentality. They are both very friendly and I think as long as you train the pug and Chihuahua to get along, they'll be great friends. :-) Mine are both deer head chihauhua's- There are supposedly two kinds of Chihauhua's, deer and apple heads, but most breeders will say there is only ONE and the rest are mutts. I don't really care- but my vet even told me that deer head chi's are much more calm and relaxed and have a better demeanor. Look it up on google the difference between the two. It's pretty informative.

    Sorry I wrote a book!! lol Hope this helps you. Anddddd, definitely looking up these recipes you just posted. :-)