Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Workout Review: Valerie Bertinelli: Losing It

I have some mad love for the former Mrs. Eddie Van Halen....unfortunately, this DVD does her no good!

I feel like, even for me (a completely non-fit person), this was really easy.  I only did the 20 minute workout because I really just wanted to get through it so I could send it back to Netflix.  There wasn't anything special in the workout, just lots of lunges and a few arm moves.

While the workout may have sucked, I LOVED Val B's hair.  It was excellent and curly and bouncy in every segment.  I also got a sneak peek of a little Van Halen tattoo on her ankle....what a rebel!


  1. I love this review...'the workout video sucked, but her hair was great'.

  2. I totes didn't realize you actually had a blog until like two days after I dropped my laptop which meant that I couldn't look at it until today. HOllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!