Monday, October 25, 2010

Etsy Review: Willow Tree Minerals

Recently, I decided to switch up my makeup routine. I normally don't wear foundation, but I do wear a heavy liquid primer underneath my mineral foundation, blush, etc. I've been wearing more makeup than I usually do and I've noticed that my skin has started to react. I have a small patch of some type of weird eczema-y stuff just below my bottom lip and it has started to return!

I ordered from Willow Tree Minerals a few samples of things. For $2 you receive up to 6 samples of basically anything that you want to try! Lora, the owner, also threw in a few extra goodies with my sample bag. I also ordered a few things for my sister's b-day since I was there and all.

First of all, everything arrived very quickly and the packaging was very neat. I would have taken a photo, but I actually used it as the gift wrap for my sister's presents.

The makeup itself was pretty good!  I wasn't sure how much to put on and since I don't normally wear much foundation I was kind of a clutz applying it.  Overall I was very pleased with it.  It was alot like Bare Minerals, but much less expensive.  It's about half the cost of Bare Minerals and plus I feel good supporting a small business. It also washed off really easily and felt really light on my skin.

The only con of the whole deal was that it wasn't very easy to apply out of the little baggie things the samples came in.

You should definitely give Willow Tree Minerals a try if you're looking to shake up your routine...


  1. glad to know what i'm getting. i heard somebody yesterday say they were going as keith stone for halloween and his gf was going as flo the insurance lady. i thought of you guys.

  2. I will have to check this out. I bet you could just empty the packets into an old make-up container to make it easier. ALso, have you tried the mineral stuff on elf? I swear by that stuff!

  3. Hi, thanks so mush for your feedback! I love to know what my customers are thinking! The reason I chose the baggies is so I could keep the cost down. If I used jars the price for samples would have to increase. I wanted customers to see colors without having to pay too much. As for E.L.F. they have great prices but watch out for the ingredients - chemicals are really toxic for you. Thanks again!

    Willow Tree Minerals