Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Aftermath....

Last year we had a whopping 4 trick or treaters.  True it was raining and cold.  This year I only bought one bag of candy because last year I was stuck with a ton.

This year we had over 30.  We ran out of candy and towards the end I just stopped opening the door.  Needless to say though, my mother in law had over 400 little goblins.....but she was prepared.  Also, my pumpkin that I carved for KB's mom won as the best decorated!

It looked like this....

Note: This isn't actually mine, but it's the stencil that I drew off of onto the pumpkin from
Mine had a web etched into it so it looked like the whole pumpkin was a web.  I didn't have a camera and it took me a lot longer than expected, so I didn't even really think about taking a picture.

How was your Halloween?


  1. No trick or treaters for me, either!! Which is lucky, since I totally spaced on buying candy, haha!

  2. Your pumpkin sounds like it totally rocked! We only had a few trick or treaters which means I've been gorging myself on the leftover candy. HA!

  3. Your pumpkin sounds like it was absolutely amazing!!!