Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

When I saw this on Netflix the other day I just couldn't stop myself.

This combines all things that I love.....cheesy 80s metal.....Mark Wahlberg.....guys with long and crazy hair....crazy 80s groupie clothes....leather pants.....Zakk Wylde (if you don't know him you should)...and KB.

Now even though KB isn't in this movie, if it was up to him and not our bank account, future mortgage, kids, job, etc, he would be a member of a rockin' 80s band like Steel Dragon instead of working as a 401k investor.  I often wake up to him doing his 80s frontman screech and catch him doing his Axl Rose dance while waiting in line for something.  I'm just waiting on the day he wears a pair of leather pants and a jacket with no shirt!

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