Monday, December 6, 2010

Ode to the Crocodile

In the winter (and sometimes in the summer too) my skin resembles that of a crocodile.  I get scaly, dry, itchy, nasty.  This past summer when my eczema started acting up (this is a completely other long story about my bout with eczema that ends with  my nieces calling me Aunt Eczy) I found a savior.

Eucerin I love you!  This past summer when my skin was dry from all the sun and sand I found Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion.

This stuff is the best for reptiles like myself.  It has a little bit of grit for exfoliation, but it also moisturizes very well.  It's the perfect everyday lotion and it isn't too greasy.  I've tried LOTS of lotions and this one is probably my favorite.

This winter has been a whole different story.  Since around October my skin has been so dry that it has been flaking off (gross I know).  Luckily, I found this little guy:

Eucerin Auaphor Healing Ointment.  It sounds scary and if you don't have dry as the sahara skin it kinda is.  This is basically vasoline with lots of good things in it.  It's really thick and goopy and I love it.  I've actually also found that it is great as a lip balm as well as general lotion for my face and body.  I know that somewhere my greasy sister is cringing as I tell people how I'm pretty much putting vasoline on my face!

These even worked today in the 6 degree snowy weather with 25 MPH winds!  What are your favorite lotiony products?

Please know that Eucerin did not give me any of these products, but if the folks at Eucerin would like to throw some my way I'm not going to stop them!


  1. I looove Aquaphor!! I use it on my cheeks and nose when I run during the winter, otherwise I get seriously chapped and my face peels. It's also super great on dry hands :)

  2. I absolutely love Eucerin! I definitely think I would look like a cracked mess without it.