Monday, December 20, 2010

Reading Year in Review...

I got the idea for this from a fellow Rachel, at In No Simple Language.  I used to be a big reader, but in college I was forced to read lots of things that I didn't want to and I kinda dropped off the bandwagon.  This year I vowed to get back into reading.  I got a library card and went to town.  Here are the books that I read this year.

The Twilight Saga.  Yes, I'm one of those.  Through all the hype I vowed that I would never get sucked into it, but then my mother in law gave me the movies to watch.  After that, I was hooked on the books.  I read all four of them in a week (true I was at the beach and had nothing better to do).  I can't wait to see the newest movie.  Yes, I'm a nerd.

I'm normally not a big fan of historical fiction, but this book ended up being pretty decent.  It's set in the time of the plague, but most of the story is about how it affects the lives of a group of people in a town that is ravaged by the plague, but agrees to shut themselves off from the outside world in order to not spread the disease.

I absolutely hated it.  This was one of the worst books I think I have ever read.  I hated it so much that I did a whole post about it.  I'll probably never read another one of Elizabeth Gilbert's books again!

I got this from the library on a whim.  It took me forever to read, but it was really interesting.  I've always like Elvis and Priscilla and this book really made me sad to see how bad they really were for each other. 

This book was a really quick read, but it didn't really have much substance.  It's basically just like The Devil Wears Prada, but with more women.  I ended up reading this in about a week of reading for about 15-20 minutes a night.

I actually read most of this book in Spanish.  I went back and read it in English this time and I really loved it.  It got started a little slow, but once I got into it, I couldn't put it down.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez is one of my favorite authors and I had forgotten how great he was until this year.  This is probably one of my favorite books I read all year.

I just finished this book and it was ok.  It wasn't the best book I've ever read, but it also wasn't the worst.  It was really slow getting into this book.  The first 250 pages were a little boring, but once I got into it, the rest of the story went really fast.  I'm a little surprised that this book got as much hype as it did.

I ended up liking this book a lot.  I feel like you kinda need a background into Motley Crue to really get a lot of it, but where else are you going to get a book that has chapters titled "The Third Time I Died".

I actually only picked this book up because it was written about girls from my college's rival, but it ended up being pretty interesting.  Every now and then it's nice to read some non-fiction, scientific stuff.  It is pretty easy to read because most of it is taken from conversations.

I'm currently reading this book now.  It's technically a "young-adult" book, but so far it is pretty good.  It's very easy to read and really goes into detail about a leper colony on a deserted island in Hawaii.  I'm only a few chapters in, but so far so good.

I just picked up this book yesterday, but I'm excited to get started on it.  All the reviews seem to suggest that it is really good.  I really have no background with Catherine de Medici, but the book jacket made it seem really interesting.  If you've read it...let me know what you thought!

What kinds of goodies have you read this year?


  1. haha yeah Im not afraid to admit that I read twilight, the Priscilla presley book looks very interesting though!