Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yes Kermit, It is Easy Being Green

I'm not a crazy environmentalist, but I do love me some mother earth.  This holiday season, KB and I are tasking ourselves with being as green as possible.  I feel like we already do more than regular people do when it comes to being green.  This is mostly because I'm a tightwad and I don't want to pay for things like:

I don't use my dryer.....hardly ever.  I always hang things on my clothes line.  It is supposed to snow this afternoon.....and I have clothes on my line.  I noticed this summer that our power bills were way low, I'm convinced this is why.

Recycling!  I love it.  We generate about a bag of trash every 2-3 weeks.  If it can be recycled, I do.  I haven't bought trash bags in over a year.  Our lovely town does not offer trash pickup, so we do have to sort and take off our recycling, but I love seeing all those bottle and cans and papers going into their respective bins (woah I'm a nerd).

CFL light bulbs might look weird, but they last forever.  Luckily for us, our power company had a promotion where they would give you 10 CFL light bulbs if you just called them up and asked for them.  I was all over that and I haven't bought or had to change a light bulb since last winter.

Composting is the best.  Everything that is biodegradable goes outside.  From vegetable scraps to coffee grounds and filters to egg shells gets thrown outside in my little compost pile.  If you don't live in the great outdoors like we do, there are lots of compost bins.

I'm a thermostat nazi.  In the winter, it doesn't get above 68 and in the summer, it doesn't go below 79.  This might be a little extreme for most people, but we've learned to live with it.  In the winter, we just throw on sweatshirts and in the summer we strip down (ow ow!).  We've also learned little tricks to keep our house warm like circulating fans the opposite way to push warm air down from the ceiling, or leaving your oven door open after you're done cooking to heat up the house.

This holiday season the Browns are aiming for one bag of trash a month and to recycle all of our wrapping paper, etc.....Merry Christmas mother nature!


  1. I live in an apartment and the vents are on the ceiling... brilliant right? Hot air rises...genius put this operation together. We have it cooler at night and during the day if we are home its about 75 right now and still freezing due to the fact that all the hot air rises and we dont have a ceiling fan. Its awful.


  2. Summer makes fun of me so much for recycling and composting. I was so excited when I planted my bulbs to spread my compost over them to nourish them through until spring. I felt so green. I like to think of my compost area as Marjorie the trash heap from Fraggle Rock. She was my favorite character.

    And yeah, my thermostat is at 68 right now and goes to 78 in the summer.

    I do use the dryer though. I'm not as hard core as the English girls.