Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Because the holidays just won't's not only mine but also my sister's birthday this week.

I'm hoping for lots of this:

New workout clothes....because all of mine are holey (and not in the good way) and the elastic is all stretched out.

A good manicure....because I need all the help I can get to not bite my nails.

A new phone.....because mine is on its last leg.  I'm still waiting on my Christmas/birthday iPhone.  C'mon Verizon!

A new restaurant......because I've never eaten here before and A-ville just got one!


  1. ya know, i've never eaten at pf changs in raleigh. and i've lived around these parts for...oh...about 10 YEARS. i am so so lame. new workout clothes always gets me motivated.

  2. Happy birthday to you!!! And your sister! And my birthday is next week - gotta love all the January birthdays!! Hope you have a great one and get everything you ask for. And when you go to PF Chang's, try the Dynamite Shrimp appetizer - so unhealthy, but SO GOOD!