Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Sunday...

This is what the Browns will be eating on this cold and snowy week:

Mon:  The Crock-Pot potato soup from last week
          I went to PF Changs for my birthday last week and didn't make it!

Tues: Cheddar Vegetable Quiche
         This recipe looks super easy.  I already had a pie crust in my fridge, so all I had to get was a carton of egg beaters and some frozen veggies.

Wed: Roast Vegetable Chowder
         It's supposed to snow a foot and be -2 all week long (ok maybe not all week) so I thought lots of soups would be delicious.  I may add in some bacon or ham for some protein for KB.  He gets weird about not eating meat.

Thurs: Stovetop Ziti
         I like this recipe because it is quick and will probably use up all of the ricotta in a container.  I never know what to do with leftover ricotta cheese and I end up using one little spoon in one recipe, then have to throw the rest of the container away later because I never know what to do with it.

Fri: Slow Cooker Turkey Chili
      Chili is the best.  This one has lots of beans and not a lot of meat, which I like, but some people (I'm looking at you KB) are a little weirded out by.  I'll probably add in some hot sauce just to give this more of a kick.

What goodies will you be eating this week?

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