Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ode to Ina...

Since yesterday was a snow day I spent some good quality time with my television.  KB was like a caged animal all day and was getting on my nerves, so I spent some quality time snuggled up to my favorite TV person.

My home gurl Ina.  After a day spent under my electric blanket with her, I've come to realize she has the perfect life.  Awesome house on the beach, cool garden, neat clean kitchen, endless supply of gay florist/designer/fabulous friends, cute town to go shopping in, a really good food processer...the list goes on.  The one I was most envious of today was her phantom husband Jeffrey!

So yesterday while KB was pacing around asking me where I put his 12 Bass Pro Shop gift cards he got LAST Christmas or being outside raking (yes raking) snow off of the driveway because he couldn't find a snow shovel.....I just wanted to be like Ina.

PS...if you like these pictures....go here....you won't regret it!


  1. hhaaaaaaaaa my mom and i always talk about ina and her "friends" and her weirdo sissy husband.

    liz lemooonnnnn!

  2. Ina is definitely super awkward hey.


  3. we have fish and deer too. lots o wildlife.