Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Schmesolution....

I normally make New Year's Resolutions and I normally end up keeping them a total of maybe 2 months.  Go me!

This year I would like to:

Get healthier!  KB eats like an elementary school kid (probably the fat, smelly one at that), yet he magically maintains a -3% body fat.  In 2011 I'd like to get us on the fit train.  We need to take the puppies for more walks and not eat 2 boxes of Little Debbies a week.

Save Money!  The Browns are pretty tight when it comes to money.  Neither one of us are crazy spenders and most of the time we live pretty cheap.  These past few months though, we've kind of gotten lazy.  We eat out for lunch too much, buy things we don't need and just don't save as much money as we could.  In 2011 we'll be packing our lunch, re-evaluating whether we really need the $50 deer feeder and hopefully just like Lil Scrappy, we'll have money in tha bank.

Look better!  This one is mostly for me.  I've gotten pretty lazy when it comes to my appearance.  I stopped working out about September, I've started biting my nails again, ever since I got my hair cut I don't (and can't) really fix it, and I've gotten lazy about my makeup routine.  In 2011 I vow to take better care of myself in the beauty department; whether that means having to get up early to do my makeup or getting my nails done every few months so I won't bite them.

What are your New Year's resolutions, goals, whatevers?


  1. Great list- very similar to mine. Here's hoping we both follow through on our goals this year. Cheers to a grand 2011!

  2. The pug pictures seriously have me dying!! Happy New Year!