Monday, January 3, 2011

Something's Fishy...

Now that I'm a married woman, I eat a lot of fish.  Growing up we never ate fish.  We just didn't do it.  KB being the avid fisherman and hunter that he is, will catch fish and freeze them for me to lovingly prepare.  I'm always a little scare when making fish.  I never know when it's done, what it's supposed to taste like or how it should look.  I got this little gem for Christmas:

While most of the recipes call for weird things that we can't get here in podunkville (like prickly pear cactus juice....seriously who can get that)  I found one that I thought I could make.  I ended up making the Red Fish and Red Rice with Lemon Butter White Wine sauce.  I cheated and ended up using catfish from our freezer.

The results:

DELICIOUS!  KB loved it and ate seconds and thirds of the rice.  It's fairly easy to make (compared to the other recipes) and it seems like really any fish could work.  The lemon butter sauce is really really lemony, so if you're not a huge fan of sour you may not want to make as much.  Overall, this fish is a winner...winner winner fish dinner?


  1. I'm always scared to cook fish too. AND you won a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Complete Crystals from the giveaway I hosted :) Please send me your mailing address and Purex Insiders will send you your coupon!

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  2. i cook a lot of fish too. one that i find most delicious is from Pam at For the Love of Cooking. you can really use any fish, but the recipe is something regarding lemon, basil, and fish. haha. i can't remember. you'll find it. and i typically am not a big fan of baked fish, but this was crazy good.

  3. I never cook fish. My mom never cooked fish. But I have lots of friends with hubbys that fish and then cook the fish so I get to eat it pretty often. I love it. But I am scared to do it myself. This might just be something I need to try!