Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stupendous Saturday...

Because Friday wasn't fabulous enough, today's Stupendous Saturday has consisted of...

A new nail color and manicure....

The color is OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques".  I love it!  It's the perfect combo of brown and gray and is even appropriate for work.  I also am convinced I have the best manicurist in the world.  Michah is my homegirl and can work magic on even my weird elfin bitten fingernails.  She also told me a great chicken recipe!

I ended up cleaning my house last night (I know what a swinger I am to clean house on a Friday night).  Normally I clean house on Saturday, so now I feel like I have a whole day off.  I get to lay around and do what I want to do!  I had a good workout this morning, got a manicure and went to the grocery store and library.

It's sunny and warm(ish) today.  Even's not going to snow this week and it will be above freezing.  The snow is starting to melt in our yard and little Rose is very happy about that.  She's quite the diva when it comes to doing her unmentionables in the snow.

What makes your Saturday stupendous?


  1. LOVE that nail color! I got that color earlier in the fall and fell in love. Of course, now my manicurist is out of it since it was so popular, but, I love!

  2. I'm totally diggin' that color!