Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

Thursday's thoughts:

  • It's my first link up...I'm not so sure I did this right.  Let me know if something looks weird
  • KB sort of made dinner tonight.  He was in charge of baking it.  I'm not exactly sure it is all the way cooked.  I hope I don't end upwith some weird foodborne illness.
  • My darling Panchy decided to eat all my shoes today!  Apparenlty the door ot my closet room somehow got open and it seems like ONE of every pair I own is chewed on.
  • It's going to be cold this weekend.  I had just gotten spoiled with it being over 30 degrees and now it's going to be sub zero (ok maybe not that cold) again.
  • Tomorrow is Friday and I get to leave work a little early!
  • I have worked out every day this week.  I'm trying to only weight myself once a week so hopefully I'll see results and not get discouraged.
What are your thoughts on a Thursday?


  1. Chewed up shoes?!?! Nooo!!!!

    But YAY for leaving work early tomorrow!!

  2. I did this too! I love a link up!!