Thursday, February 24, 2011

Workout Review: Denise Austin Quick Cardio Burn

Overall I thought this was a pretty good workout.  The entire DVD consisted of a 10 minute warm up, two 20 minute workouts and a 5 minute cool down.  I did the entire DVD in about an hour and felt like I got a good total body workout.  There is a lot of jumping and pliometrics, so it may not be the best for someone that has sensitive knees or ankles.  One of the 20 minute workouts is a sculpting workout using weights.  This was really effective and did double duty, since most of the arm exercises involved some type of lunge or squat too.

I actually cheated and watched this on my computer while listening to my Lady Gaga Pandora station.  I turned off the volume completely, so I can't really say if Denise was annoying or not.  I did notice that her hair was down and DID NOT MOVE the entire time, even during jumping jacks.....get me some of her hairspray!


  1. Awesome workout! I like the idea of listening to Lady Gaga instead cause that does pump me up! yeah I want her hairspray too haha

  2. Thats hilarious that her hair didnt move!


  3. Love it

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