Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recipe Review: Gravy Pork Chops with Stuffing Biscuits

I made this recipe strictly for KB.  He loves all things gravy and all things pork chops, so why not combine the two?  I got this recipe in a weekly recipe newsletter from Bisquick. 

This is what the recipe is supposed to look like:

This is what mine looked like:

While mine definitely is not the prettiest, it did end up tasting pretty good.  I made quite a few tweaks to the original recipe though, so that may be why it didn't exactly look right.  First off, I made my own gravy.  Pre-made gravy was almost $3 a jar at the store, so I ended up buying a 50 cent packet of brown gravy mix and just made my own.  This made way tooo much gravy (if there even is such a thing!).  I also used "Heart Smart Bisquick".  It's supposed to be better for you, but when you eat mashed potatoes, gravy and pork chops....does it really matter?  My pork chops were also seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning because KB has some weird obsession with lemon pepper.

Overall it was a pretty easy recipe that tasted pretty good.  It was a little on the salty side for my tastes, but you could easily not season the pork chops and I think it would be a little better.

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