Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

These are my thoughts on a Thursday:

  • I did Carmen Electra's "Vegas Strip Workout" last night.  I really thought I was going to love it....big mistake.  It was probably the worst workout DVD I've ever done.  She teaches you dance moves, but then they show her doing them in slo-mo.  I can't learn in slo-mo Carmen.
  • I found out today that I have to "work from home" on Sunday.  While my job is most of the time not very stressful and I don't have to work outside of normal business hours, recently things have been getting crazy.  I feel like I'm drowning in work!
  • The tights I wear with anything other than black officially bit the dust this week.  I'm so ready for spring so I don't have to buy another pair in order to wear anything other than dress pants or black tights.
  • At KB's birthday dinner last week his mom made this delicious desserty salady thing called grape salad.  Ever since I ate it I've been having visions of was that good.  I'm thinking about making a lighter version of it this weekend.  Recipe review on the way!

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  1. I love tights, but I want to start wearing just skirts!! And that workout seems lame!

  2. thanks for playing! :)

  3. I am currently assessing all things in the land of "workout video". Thanks for this review! I actually took a pole dancing class with some girlfriends last year and really enjoyed it. Carmen's vid was on my list, but I'm going to mark it right out :)

    And that grape salad sounds delish! Do share.

    Bye, bye really IS time for Spring. Isn't it?