Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Easter Weekend Recap

I made this....

Yes, this is a wild turkey leg......yes, I did feel like Wilma Flintstone when I ate it.  The veggies were very delicious.  The turkey was good, but it was a little weird.

I got this.....

This little ditty was on sale for $12.  I always feel like a blue skirt or pants for work and can never find them.

I cleaned up after this....

This little cutie had some tummy troubles last night.  I was up every 2 hours with a puking dog.  She's feeling much better after a nap on the couch with her dad and some plain Greek yogurt.

We also did the obligatory Easter stuff......but I don't have pictures of that and the most exciting thing we did was throw Easter eggs at a tree to watch them explode.  I know, we're exciting.


  1. Poor puppy! Hope she's better! Also, you get 50 points in my book for trying that turkey leg. I never would have had the courage to cook it. I mean for heaven's sake, I won't put a whole chicken in the oven because it intimidates me. Woohoo for you!