Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction

I finally found a hat (hats actually), but now I'm having a hard time figuring out what to wear with the hat.  I bought a new red dress tonight, but I'm not so sure that the hat and the dress go together.  I had KB take some photogs and would love for the readers to decide!  Please excuse the terribleness of the photos.....KB's not the most talented in the photog department.

Hat Option 1:

Hat Option 2:

Basically your two options are:

PS...huge shout out to one of my favorite stylistas Erica for letting me know where to score these fabulous hats!


  1. I LOVE THE FIRST HAT!! it looks so good on you raquel! and i love the red dress too. so i say option 2 hands down. winning.

  2. i like the feather hat, with either dress!

  3. I vote the feather hat with the multicolored dress.

  4. What great finds!!! Seriously they look absolutely stunning on you!