Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

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I leave for the beach in 2 DAYS!!!  I'm so ready to not go to work and just be lazy.  Unfortunately the little dogs will not be attending and I will miss my little Rosie and Hooey terribly.

I've been hitting the fit train hard this week and according to my Wii Fit I'm only 2 pounds away from being in the "Normal" category.  This is apparently the thinnest I've been since last Christmas when I got my Wii so that's super exciting.  I wore some pants to work today that I haven't be able to wear in 2 years.  Go me! Hopefully I don't screw it up at the beach next week.

We had a nest of cardinals in the tree outside of our office/man cave/random room window and the babies are hatched and learning to eat.  Every morning this week I've seen the mommy and daddy birds showing two weird looking cardinals how to eat out of the feeder.  This past evening I saw them eating alone - they grow up so fast don't they!

I'm so ready to have super long hair again.  Up until this fall I had really long and really straight black hair.  It would always get really crazy when I went to the beach and I loved it.  In a stroke of weakness, I ended up cutting a lot of it off last fall.  It's taken forever to grow out and I'm so ready for it to be long.  My hair doesn't really do good in anything but really long.

What are your thoughts on a Thursday????

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  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! Hope you're having lots of fun at the beach. :)