Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

It's time for Thoughts on a Thursday!

  • I don't have a lot of thoughts today.  It's been kind of a boring week around here - just going to work and coming home.
  • I did a pretty crazy workout last night and today I'm super sore.  I haven't been sore from a workout in a while, so it actually feels kind of nice.
  • I was planning on getting a nice pedicure this weekend, but this afternoon KB rolled his desk chair over my toe.  My toenail is now split and is a lovely shade of purple - no pedicure for me!  I'm sure that pedicurist would freak if she saw my nasty feet right now.
  • I bought an assortment of new fun pens today.  I got a pack of 12 Bic Mark-Its for $8.  These are more like fine tip markers than pens, but they write really well.  I write and sign stuff a lot in my job, so I like to have a good pen.  Everyone at work made fun of me for how excited I got about my fun assortment of pens.
What randoms are you getting into today?

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