Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Happenings....

Even though we didn't really have anything planned, we had a pretty busy weekend.

 I completely cleaned our house.  I ended up throwing away 4 bags of garbage, 2 bags to donate, and 1 bag to put in storage.  KB is a huge pack rat and I was hoping to finish my major clean out of the man room before he finished mowing the grass.  I didn't quite make it, but I had most of the major stuff thrown away before he could get to it.  I moved my desk in front of the window in my lady room and it's so much brighter and cheerier.  I can see my bird feeders from my computer now.
 I made bread in the crock pot again.  I think I might like this recipe better than the last one.  It cooked for about 3 hours on high and smelled really good.  I tried a little piece when I was taking it out and it tasted pretty good.
 I planted some flowers on our new front "porch".  Since we don't have a roof over our patio any more, I wanted some flowers to jazz it up, but I also wanted ones that wouldn't die in the winter.  I got some different types of junipers and planted them in 2 long planters for the porch.  I figure once my annuals in the pots next to the door die I can move them there for winter.
I also moved my hanging basket to our mini table and it's doing much better there.  It's getting ready to take over our entire lower patio.  I don't think it was getting as much sun as it liked when it was hanging.
 We took the puppies on a walk to a water fall near our house this morning.  Overall it was about 3 miles, but lots of it was straight up.   Rosie was pretty tuckered out by the time we actually  made it out.  It was so humid I looked like I was entering a wet t-shirt contest with my white tee on.....oh well.

What goodies have you been into this weekend???


  1. I need to do a deep cleaning this week. I wish I was already done. It feels so good sitting in a freshly cleaned house no?

  2. I love that you made home made bread in the crockpot, so awesome!