Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pin Me Down

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and joined Pinterest.  So far it's been really fun and it's a neat way to gather all those little "I should remember that" things.  I'm still not really sure what I'm doing, but I wanted to share some of my recent favorite pins...

A cute fun work outfit that I successfully recreated!  Big shout out to The Shabby Princess I got lots of compliments!

Corn cakes with goat cheese.....I think so!

What my laundry room will look like one day.....right now we don't even have a laundry room....just a laundry area.

What I've been doing a lot of this week (hugging the dogs....not failing....that I know of).


  1. love that outfit i actually have everything in my closet now to recreate that look minus the jean jacket and i love that outfit whenever i wear it. the turquoise necklace really pops!

  2. isnt pinterest awesome? I could spend hours on there!

  3. hooooraaaay for pinning!

  4. Loving the outfit! I am definitely excited for fall because I just love fall clothes!