Monday, August 22, 2011

Workout Review: Paula Abdul's Cardio Cheer

I'm honestly not sure what I was thinking when I put this on my Netflix queue.  I'm not really the cheer leader type, but I thought it might be a good workout.

The first disc I received was "Moves" which aims to make crisp, clean transitions and dance steps....huh?  I pretty much spent the entire time really lost.  The total workout time listed is 40 minutes.  I probably spent 25 looking at the screen not knowing what's going on.  Paula doesn't teach the workouts, but has a 15 minute slurred speech montage about how good cheer leading is for you at the beginning of each workout.

There was a small weights portion that was decent, but the cardio was seriously lacking.  I sweated a little bit, but I think it was mostly just because I turned our AC off and opened the windows).

Paula should probably just stick to American Idol.....oh wait.


  1. Slurred speech montage...OMG...Dying!

  2. haha crazy lady! Thats annoying not knowing what to do when following along. She is an interesting person!