Sunday, August 21, 2011

Menu Sunday

Here's what the Browns will be eating this week....

Mon: Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes
We still have lots of tomatoes from random people.  I swear they are reproducing in the produce drawer at night.  We also always have tuna on hand.  I have to buy it in bulk at Sam's since it's KB's favorite snack.  I pretty much didn't have to buy anything at the store this week for this meal.  SCORE!

Tues: Chicken Teriyaki and Brown Rice
This recipe looked really easy and for some reason I've been craving Asian food.  I will be substituting low sodium teriyaki sauce for regular since the regular bottle had a whopping 44% of your daily needs in 3 tbsp.

Wed: Pesto Chicken Salad
I made some pesto last weekend from my mom's huge basil plant and I ended up freezing it.  I'm also thinking about cooking the chicken in the crock pot during the day.  The recipe calls for rotisserie chicken, but to me it takes just as much time pulling it off the bone as it does to cook a couple of chicken breasts

Thurs: Ham and Black-Eyed Pea Salad
I've really been into salads like this one this summer.  I've made some with tuna, some with chicken, and now some with ham.  The black-eyed peas should be interesting, but probably delicious.

I also ended up making quite a few recipes last night.  Including these....
Janey's Baked Steak (It was quite delicious!  KB really liked the sauce, which is big for him since he's not much of a sauce person.  It was really easy, so you could probably cook this on a weeknight too)
Roasted Sweet Potatoes (These were amazing.  It's still really hot here, but I wanted something that reminded me of fall.  These were easy and they tasted wonderful.  I always love a good roasted root vegetable)
Hungry Girl Pumpkin Brownies (These are actually chocolate brownies, but with pumpkin instead of eggs, oil and butter.  They are supposed to be way better for you.  I used some of my gluten free mix that I won.  They were very, very dense and fudgy and not cakey.  I like fudgy brownies so to me they were really good.  You can't taste the pumpkin in them at all.  They reminded me a lot of the black bean brownies you can make).

Tonight KB is going to get a bucket of fried chicken from KFC.  We saw some people eating some in the park when we took the dogs for a walk and he's now made it his life's mission to get a bucket.


  1. looks like a terrific menu!! very healthy and balanced

  2. that pesto chicken salad looks really good!

  3. Your weeks menu sounds absolutely delish! I am solo this week so mine will probably consist of a bunch of salad.