Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday

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  • This week has been super long.  I'm so ready for it to be over!
  • I'm thinking about braving the tax free weekend craziness to find a new computer at Best Buy after work tomorrow.  I'll probably end up getting pissed off at all the dumb people around and not get one, but it's at least worth a try.
  • I feel like everyone and their brother has been getting pregnant recently.  The girl that cuts my hair, the girl that does my nails, a lady I used to work with, and quite a few bloggers I follow have all announced that they are pregnant this week.  It must be something in the water (please remind me to not drink said water).
  • I'm in serious need for some "back to school" clothes.  I'm not in school anymore, but I always like to buy new clothes around that time.  It just feels right.  I really need some new tennis shoes, but everything seems to be "rock and tone" and all that dumb stuff.  I just need normal tennis shoes.
  • Little Rose seems to be doing much better!  Today was our first day in almost a week that she hasn't thrown up and I think her medicine is finally working.  We're still not really sure what happened to her, but she seems to be acting fine (fine enough to break down her baby gate to get out of her designated room).
What are your thoughts on a Thursday??


  1. I didn't even know it was a tax free weekend! Thanks for the info! As for the getting pregnant thing, I totally agree with you. I think everyone around is Pregnant.
    So happy to have come across your blOg.
    Follow each Other?<3

    Lots of love

  2. thats cool they have tax free at best buy!!

  3. What is up with everyone being pregnant? I seriously have 4 friends who are due at the end of August (like the same week) alone. I'm not drinking water either, jeez!